2017-2018 Season


Photos and Video from the 2017-18 school year including the marching show “From Darkness”

Repertoire By:
From a Dark Millennium by Joseph Schwantner
Symphony in One Movement by Samuel Barber
Escape from The Little Prince by Hans Zimmer
Original music by Ben Lee

Director: Brian Froedge
Assistant Director(s): Daniel Reams & Brittany Ford

2017-Butler-31     2017-Butler-30     2017-Butler-29     2017-Butler-28     2017-Butler-27     2017-Butler-23     2017-Butler-22     2017-Butler-21     2017-Butler-20     2017-Butler-19     2017-Butler-18     2017-Butler-17     2017-Butler-16     2017-Butler-15     2017-Butler-14     2017-Butler-12     2017-Butler-11     2017-Butler-10     2017-Butler-08     2017-Butler-07     2017-Butler-04 2017-Butler-02 2017-Butler-01

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