NHHS Band Apparel

Orders for the 2018 – 2019 ‘No Beginning ..No End’ show shirts and other NHHS Band Apparel are currently being taken by the apparel team. Please take notice of  the deadlines and dates orders will be taken.  We ask that if paying by check please do not fill out the amount until turning in your order form. PAY-PAL is not a pay option.

Show Shirts – August 16th
NHHS Band Apparel – September 6th

Show Shirt Cost

T-Shirt –                      S, M, L, XL,   $12.00       2XL – 4XL $14.00
Long Armed Shirt  –  S, M, L, XL,   $15.00      2XL – 4XL  $17.00
Hoodie –                       S, M, L, XL,  $25.00      2XL – 4XL  $27.00
* No Custom Embroidering on Show Shirts

NHHS Band Apparel

Print Order Form Here!   – You can also get an order form when you place your order!
View the Items Here !
* All items 2XL – 4XL add $2.00 to the price on the item sheet.
* Add $3.00 for Custom Embroidering
* No Custom Embroidering on Hats, Seats or Rain Jacket.

You Can drop off order forms with payment on:
Saturday August 11th @ 11am
Tuesday August 14th (Booster Meeting) @ 5pm
Thursday August 16th @7:30pm     <– LAST DAY TO ORDER SHOW SHIRTS.
Thursday August 23rd @7:30pm
Thursday August 30th @7:30pm

Thursday September 6th @6pm       <– LAST DAY TO ORDER APPAREL

Submit any questions/concerns you may have here!!

Thank you for your continued support!

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