KY Derby – Fundraiser



The NHHS Band Boosters have been presented with an opportunity to earn money for the marching band by working Oaks and/or Derby this year (May 4th and 5th). Any students 16 years of age and older are also eligible to help out. The jobs are pretty simple–distributing and checking wristbands. Last year the band made $6,000. This year the kids are out of school on Oaks Day, so there is the potential to make even more.

If you or your child are interested you will need to complete this information packet and turn it in to Mr. Reams by March 2. Please note, paperwork has to be COMPLETED before you can train. Training will take place at the end of March/early April–right now there isn’t a specific training date set.

Please email if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support!

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