New York Trip Letter


Date of the trip: Monday, November 23 – Saturday, November 28

Contact Info: Hyatt Place Hotel, 575 Park Plaza Drive, Seacaucus, NJ 07094
Hyatt Place Hotel Phone Number: (201) 422-9480

Departure: Students should be at North Hardin High School with all of their belongings no later than 4:30 AM Monday morning.

Return: Students will return to North Hardin High School at approximately 12:00 PM on Saturday afternoon. Flu shot: It is highly recommended by directors of former Macy’s bands that students get flu shots before the trip. They will be in close quarters on a long bus ride.

Students must remain with the group at all times. At no point should a student wander away from the group/chaperone they are traveling with. Additionally, students are NOT permitted to be “taken” away from the group – even by immediate family. The directors and chaperones are directly responsible for students during the time of the trip. There will be some opportunities for family members to see their student during the trip – just remember they must remain with the group. If a student will not be riding the bus back to Radcliff (staying or traveling with family) there must be a note hand delivered to a director from the parent/guardian to advance of the trip. Students will not be permitted to stay with family or travel home with family unless there is a note provided prior to the trip.

What to Pack: Students will be allowed on “carry on” bag to bring on the charter bus as well as a small bag that would fit in their lap or underneath their seat. Additionally, students will be allowed to bring one suitcase that will be stowed beneath the bus. Students will not be able to access anything packed in their suitcase until Monday night upon arrival in Seacaucus, NJ.

Reeds, Valve Oil, etc.
Uniform & Shoes
Black Socks
Undergarments for Uniform
Winter Coat
Comfortable shoes for walking!!
Semi-formal clothing for cruise (*see below)
Casual clothing for 5 Days
Dressy casual for Friday (*see below)
Phone/Phone charger
Blankets/pillows for bus ride
Spending money for trip

Dressy – Casual: Students will need to wear an outfit on Friday that is comfortable for walking in all day, but is nice enough to wear at the musical performance, “Aladdin” nice jeans are okay for this performance – but students should NOT wear t-shirts or hoodies.

Semi-formal – Ladies: Dresses, Dress Pants/Dressy Top
Gentlemen: Dress Pants or Khakis/Button Up Shirt/Optional tie

Money for meals: Most meals on the trip are paid for! However students will need to prepare to have money for the following meals:
Monday Morning – Eat prior to departure/Bring Breakfast with you (we are not stopping for morning meal)
Monday Afternoon – Fast Food lunch
Monday Evening – Dinner near hotel
Saturday Morning – Fast Food Breakfast

All other meals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are included in the trip. Students should expect the fast food restaurants to be slightly more expensive near New York than they would be in Radcliff.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or, or by phone at 270-351-2167.

Brian Froedge, Director of Bands
Daniel Reams, Assistant Director
Brittany Ford, Assistant Director

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