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We hope you enjoy looking at pictures from the past and present seasons.

2014-2015 Season

2013-2014 Season

2012-2013 Season

2011-2012 Season

2010-2011 Season

2009-2010 Season

2000-2008 Seasons

1990-1999 Seasons

1980-1989 Seasons

Videos – Coming Back Soon!

Do you have pictures you’d like to share? We’d love to have them! Please Let Us Know!!
Text them to: Stacy Huddle at 270-312-5709
Directly email: Stacy Huddle at
Please include your name when texting or emailing!

Yes, we want your selfies! If you, your family or your band member took a selfie at a band event (even practice), send them in.

Do you have photos from long ago but no way to scan them? We can help! Please text or call Stacy Huddle at 270-312-5709.

Special thanks go to all of the following people for providing pictures:
Georgiana Ayer, Teha Cade, Tammi White-Davis, Nikki Drew, Angie Estrada, Eddie Groves, Yolanda Hill, Dave & Stacy Huddle, Mark Jarvis, Jade Jobson, Wendy Jobson, Sandra Juni, Brian Knopp, Sandra Leake, Tanya Maddox, Charlie Malone, Angela McCurdy, Chuck McCurdy, Ronda Nelson, Rob Nutt, Elizabeth Diane Price, Robin Reynolds, Jennifer Richardson, Stephani Riddle, Lisa Taylor, Dawn Terrigino, John Walden, Kerry Weintraub

If anyone has been missed, it was unintentional.

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