2012-2013 Season

Photos from the 2012-13 school year including the marching show “Venom”

Repertoire: The Awakening, The Anticipation, The Alluring, The Annihilation

Director: Brian Froedge
Assistant Director(s): J. Abram Barr & Brittany Ford

BOA Participation Award BOA-Prelim-24 BOA-Prelim-23 BOA-Prelim-22 BOA-Prelim-21 BOA-Prelim-20 BOA-Prelim-19 BOA-Prelim-18 BOA-Prelim-17 BOA-Prelim-16 BOA-Prelim-15 BOA-Prelim-14 BOA-Prelim-13 BOA-Prelim-12 BOA-Prelim-11 BOA-Prelim-10 BOA-Prelim-09 BOA-Prelim-08 BOA-Prelim-07 BOA-Prelim-06 BOA-Prelim-05 BOA-Prelim-04 BOA-Prelim-03 BOA-Prelim-02 BOA-Prelim-01 BOA-Finals-17 BOA-Finals-16 BOA-Finals-15 BOA-Finals-14 BOA-Finals-13
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