2013-2014 Season

Photos from the 2013-14 school year including the marching show “Fury!”

Repertoire: The Calling, Venegence, Purification, Transformation

Director: Brian Froedge
Assistant Director(s): Daniel Reams & Brittany Ford

GEDC0954 GEDC0953 GEDC0952 GEDC0951 GEDC0950 GEDC0949 GEDC0948 GEDC0947 GEDC0946 GEDC0945 GEDC0944 GEDC0943 GEDC0868 GEDC0859 GEDC0858 GEDC0856 GEDC0686 GEDC0685 GEDC0684 GEDC0683 GEDC0682 GEDC0681 GEDC0680 GEDC0679 GEDC0676 GEDC0675 GEDC0672 GEDC0671 GEDC0670 GEDC0669
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