2013-2014 Season

Photos from the 2013-14 school year including the marching show “Fury!”

Repertoire: The Calling, Venegence, Purification, Transformation

Director: Brian Froedge
Assistant Director(s): Daniel Reams & Brittany Ford

GEDC0813 GEDC0812 GEDC0811 GEDC0777 GEDC0776 GEDC0774 GEDC0773 GEDC0772 GEDC0771 GEDC0767 GEDC0753 GEDC0752 GEDC0751 GEDC0750 GEDC0749 GEDC0748 GEDC0747 GEDC0745 GEDC0744 GEDC0743 GEDC0742 GEDC0741 GEDC0739 GEDC0738 GEDC0737 GEDC0736 GEDC0735 GEDC0734 GEDC0733 GEDC0732
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